But what does becoming a wholesale member entail? Sounds complicated!

I know, it sounded complicated to me too when I first started looking into Young Living oils.  But actually the process is simple.  The most cost effective way to buy oils is by joining ‘the discount club’ as a wholesale member to get 24% off every product that is offered. Think of it as similar to joining a buying club like Costco or Sam’s.

As a wholesale member of this ‘club’ you only have to agree to order a minimum of $50 per YEAR.  That’s it!  One bottle of Thieves Oil costs $44 Retail. That same bottle is only $33 through the wholesale club!  If you bought only that and one other item in a year you would hit your minimum order requirement.  And believe me, having a bottle of pure Thieves Oil on hand during cold and flu season is A MUST.